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Plantbased vegan organic PAD-THAI stock cubes

Plantbased Organic
PAD THAI stock cubes

  • PAD THAI Bouillon Cube is a healthy and delicious alternative that can be used in the Thai/Indian/Chinese kitchen in any dish.

  • Dissolve the cube in water add some coconutcream and you obtain a perfect sauce you can serve with noodles.

  • Non-GMO, No added colouring or preservatives, No MSG, No Soy, No gluten, No sugar, No palmoil

  • PAD THAI Bouillon is an expert blend of Thai flavors that include onion, garlic, coconut, pepper and Thai spices. It has a salty and brothy Thai flavor that’s perfect for all your favorite  dishes.

  • Use it for marinades, glazes, vegetable Thai soups, and more!

  • V-CUBE dissolves easily and carries a balanced flavor profile and aroma.

  • Create Instant Thai style bouillon to enhanced food aroma  & flavor to any dish.

Storage information :

Store at dry place.

Consume within 12 months from production data.


Claims :

Organic, Palm oil free, Soy-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Vegan, Yeast-free.

Ingredients :

Salt, blend of spices*,coconutflour*, water, coconutoil*. 

(*from organic farming)

The ingredients in this Pad Thai bouillon cube do not contain animal or animal derivatives.

Energy / 100 ml ready bouillon


 21,6 KJ / 5,2 Kcal 


0,30 g

   of which saturates

0,20 g


0,50 g

   of which sugars

0,36 g


0,1 0 g


0,24 g


0,90 g

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