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Pascal Depuydt, creator of the V-Cubes

Veggiebel is a pioneering global company in first class vegan and healthy food !
Plantbased organic stock cubes

My name is Pascal Depuydt, founder of Veggiebel, and this is my story


I am a butcher's son, born into a 5th-generation family business that started in 1872 in the heartland of Flanders Fields, medieval Ypres, Belgium. Perseverance, passion for food, and more than a century and a half of professional experiences were passed on from father to son.

When I took charge of the business in 1997, I knew something wasn't right. In 2012, after more than a decade of doubting the industrial meat business, I felt confident enough to make a drastic switch. I sold the family meat business and plunged 100% into plantbased, which always intrigued me greatly.

Since attention to animal welfare was also high on my priority list, the transition from butcher to plantbased went smoothly and created a general sense of well-being. So, I started enthusiastically transforming traditional meat products into even better-tasting plantbased foods.

In my opinion, plantbased ingredients should preserve as closely as possible their original natural flavors. Therefore, the decision to manufacture only exclusively organic foods was self-evident.


As all of our foods are palm-oil free, gluten free, soy free and without allergens and preservatives, Veggiebel proudly presents to you our innovative organic and plantbased products.

Perhaps, our  story will inspire you to eat more plant-based foods as well

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