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What is Aquafaba ?

Aquafaba, The first thought, is that not a magic term

What is aquafaba?

Aquafaba , you can split the word in 2 words :  aqua is water and faba is bean.

When chickpeas are cooked in water, they release starches and proteins that bind with the water,

creating an excellent egg replacement.

Aquafaba is a excellent egg replacement/subsitute

You can beat up the chickpeas moisture and you have a substance that resembles beaten egg whites . That's ideal as a vegan or if you can not bear eggs. It is not a substitute of a full egg because chickpeas moisture has some properties of protein and some of the yolk, but not all properties of both.

How did aquafaba originate ?

The inventor of this new eiver catcher is the French tenor Jöel Roessel. He was the first to experiment with - December 2014 - with the finding that the moisture of beans, chickpeas and palm hearts was pourable like egg protein. This he shared on his blog Revolution Vegetale. But the recipes he made were too technical for many.

In February 2015, 2 Frenchmen made in a video an dessert with  chickpeas moisture

where they added chocolate.

The American Goose Wohlt saw this video, got inspiration and thought "could I do this with merengue?" He experimented for a while with all kinds of techniques and ingredients to make vegan merengues. 

Pascal Depuydt & Veggie-Naise

(Vegan Mayonnaise)

In August 2016, Pascal Depuydt made the first designs for 4 different types of mayos based on Aquafaba. His child has received the brand name Veggie-Naise and under Veggie-Naise there are already 7 sauces that will be marketed in 2017. With this new self-designed technology, Pascal now produces 7 Organic, Vegan and Gluten-free Sauces based on Aquafaba. At present, Pascal appears to be the only one to make this kind of organic sauce.