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VeggieBel : Healthy Vegan Choco
 Vegan Choco Spread with Tahini and Carob

Energy Values Per 100 g:

Energy                      1940 Kj / 466 Kcal  

Fat                                             29.80 g

of which saturates                       4.75 g

Carbohydrate                            33.50 g

of which sugars                         28.10 g

Protein                                      12.80 g

Salt                                              0.04 g

Cholesterol                                       0 g

Allergy Information:

Contains : Sesam

Doesn't contain added sugars

Storage information :

Store at dry place. Consume within 12 months from production data.

Once opend, keep it 30 days on room temperature

How to use ? 

Can be used bo cold and hot !

Serve on roomtemperature

Indulge yourself and make a toast with the Choco spread ! Enjoy !

VeggieBel : Healthy Vegan Choco

Ingredients :

Tahini (sesam), Carob, Rapseedoil, Vanille aroma 

Vegan Choco Spread, a blissful combination of Carob, Tahini and Vanilla.

A healthy Chocopasta for everyone and with a extra bonus :

Palm oil free and without added sugar.

Finally a Healthy Chocopasta with a very small ecological footprint

Product Claim ::

Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, No added sugar, Healthy Food, No palmoil