Veggiebel is a pioneering global company in first class vegan and healthy food !


-Should Veggie-Naise be stored in the refrigerator?

Veggie-Naise contains no preservatives, as long as the jar has not been opened, it does not have to be stored in the refrigerator.

Once opened, you must store them in the refrigerator and consume within 30 days.

-Will Veggie-naise also be offered  in a plastic squeeze bottle?

As a producer, we are responsible for the environment, which is why we also make the conscious choice to work with sustainable packaging.  Use of plastic need to be avoided as much as possible.

-Is Veggie-Naise gluten-free ?

Veggie-Naise is gluten-free and is produced in a gluten-free factory : Cross Contamination  = ZERO

-Is Veggie-Naise vegan ?

Veggie-Naise is 100% VEGAN and made in a Factory Producing Exclusively Vegan Food

-Can Veggie-Naise be used on very hot fries?

Veggie-Naise was developed in such a way that when it is served on very warm fries, the Veggie-Naise does not become liquid and its nice smooth and even texture is maintained.

-Veggie-Naise is very rich in Omega3, it is also vegan ?

The Omega3 in the Veggie-Naise is 100% vegan and is present in high concentration (3,8 %) and highly recommended for small children.

-Does Veggie-Naise contain sugar?

Veggie-Naise is made without added sugars. We work with Rice Syrup which is healthy for everyone, for young and old.


-The oil used for the Veggie-Naise, is it GMO free?

The oil used in our Veggie-Naise is GMO free, for both conventional and organic

-Does Veggie-Naise contain preservatives or coloring agents?

Veggie-Naise does not contain coloring agents or preservatives, that is why we recommend that you try to keep as much as possible in a cool and dark place.
Veggie-Naise choose for great taste instead of the use of preservatives.

-May the mayonnaise be warmed up ?

The Veggie-Naise can be warmed up. The best way is to warm it up in a pan on the fire or in bain-marie. Be careful that it will not cook otherwise the sauce will separate

-Are allergens present in Veggie-Naise.

Veggie-naise Classic, Bearnaise, Aioli, Remoulade and Curry do contain mustard.

The rest of the Veggie-Naise range does not contain any EU allergens, but soy and sesame are processed in our factory, which means there is a chance of cross-contamination.

-What about the mustard ?

Veggie-naise has developped his own mustard for his sauces,  Sugar-free and the real stuff. Great taste !

-Is egg or milk processed in Veggie-Naise?

Veggie-Naise is milk-free and egg-free.

Veggie-Naise is 100% VEGAN and made in a Factory Producing Exclusively Vegan Food

-Does Veggie-Naise contains "E-numbers" ?

Veggie-Naise does not contain "E-numbers", we only work with natural ingredients.

-Can you get a Salmonella infection from Veggie-Naise?

Veggie-Naise does not contain  egg so a risk of salmonella, fipronil, e-coli contamination is excluded.

-Can you taste the difference between Veggie-Naise and ordinary egg-containing mayonnaise?

Many of our customers still can not believe that you can absolutely not make a difference between both mayonnaises. Pascal has so much experience that he has managed to reduce the difference to ZERO.